Puzzle Difficulty
#!/usr/bin/env multichoice bash unix linux *nix 798
&? *nix shell multichoice 427
-XX:+UseCompressedOops language=java jvm memory multichoice 872
-XX:StringTableSize language=java jvm optimization performance multichoice 781
2>&1 unix multichoice shell multichoice 803
== vs === in JavaScript language=javascript operators multichoice 475
A Record networking multichoice 785
API definition software multichoice 385
ATS ios security acronym multichoice 772
Anonymous Inner Class language=java classes multichoice 743
Anonymous Inner Class language=java classes multichoice yes/no 734
Anonymous Inner Class language=java classes true/false multichoice 792
Array Rotate Left arrays data-structure language=java coding 1,142
ArrayList vs Vector comparison multichoice language=java 1,166
Aspect Oriented Programming definition multichoice 345
Baud Rate definition multichoice 245
Bobbie Tosses a Coin Twice... math probability discrete-mathematics conditional-probability 1,200
Byte definition multichoice 462
CAS concurrency multichoice definition acronym 798
CNAME networking 800
CSRF definition security multichoice 1,145
Canonicalize a Unix Path unix coding 973
Capitalize First Letter strings coding 1,274
Check Positive Integral regular-expressions language=java coding 1,165
Check Software Version Numbers coding strings 915
Class Variable language=java multichoice 414
Code Snippet language=java operators multichoice 789
Compress String coding language=java 775
Convert a Binary Number to an Integral algorithm binary coding 1,072
Count Nodes in Linked List data-structure lists coding language=java 819
Creat a List in Python language=python multichoice 793
Create an Instance with Reflection reflection language=java multichoice 798
Currying currying multichoice 300
DRY Principle definition design-principle multichoice 413
Default Access Modifier language=java multichoice 594
Duplicate Element in Set language=java 800
FIFO acronym multichoice data-structure 798
Factorial code recusion math language=java 775
Fibonacci 1 recursion coding algorithm 1,236
Find Gold - String search Strings language=java 602
Find the Bug bug language=java multichoice 754
Find the Latest Version Number coding 1,011
Find the coding error debugging 814
Find the first Non-duplicated character in a string language=java string 897
Four Nines systems high-availability multichoice 865
HTTP definition multichoice 265
HTTP Status Code 200 http status-code multichoice 798
HTTP Status Code 403 http multichoice status-code 783
HTTP Status Code 500 http status-code multichoice 842
HashMap hashmap data-structure language=java multichoice 672
Hashmap language=java data-structure multichoice 857
How Do You Make an Object Immutable in Java? design language=java immutable multichoice 1,214
Identify the First Nonrepeating Character in a String coding strings 1,234
Immutable Class core-principles design object-oriented multichoice 760
Implement wc language=java unix strings algorithm coding 804
Inserting Into a Binary Heap data-structure heap multichoice 818
Instance Variable language=java multichoice 796
Integer to Binary String language=java coding 741
Interview: 5 Years interview 0
Interview: Big O interview big-o 0
Interview: Development Environment interview 0
Interview: Failure interview 0
Interview: Go-to Tools interview 0
Interview: Ideal Project interview 0
Interview: Inheritance interview object-oriented 0
Interview: Java Exceptions interview java exception-handling 0
Interview: Java Weaknesses interview java 0
Interview: Learning Style interview 0
Interview: Programming Interest interview 0
Interview: Security interview 0
Interview: Self Improvement interview 0
Interview: Technical Hurdle interview 0
Interview: Technology Championing interview 0
Interview: Technology Interests interview 0
Interview: Weaknesses interview 0
Interview: Websites interview 0
Invert Boolean language=java operators java boolean multichoice 785
Invoking Thread.start() Multiple Times concurrency language=java multichoice 726
Is Anagram? algorithms strings coding 1,034
Is Isomorphic? 824
Java Integer language=java 738
Java Method Overloading language=java multichoice reflection 780
Java overriding method 777
KISS Principle definition multichoice acronym 401
Linked List a Palindrome? linked-list lists data-structures 704
List Coefficients coding strings 796
Load Factor data-structures multichoice 891
Loop a Linked List linked-lists datastructure multichoice language=java 782
MB definition multichoice 979
Match Common Telephone Number regular-expressions language=java coding 1,249
MySQL: What will this tell us? mysql sql rdbms 798
Number of Bits for a Positive Integer math bits coding 1,184
Only Unique Characters in a String algorithm strings coding language=java 906
Palindrome algorithm strings coding language=java 1,215
Pasta Theory of Programming definition multichoice 403
Power of 2 coding 1,209
Prime Numbers in Hash Functions algorithims datastructures multichoice 798
ROT13 cryptography algorithm coding language=java 1,213
Random Weighted: Red, White, Blue, and Purple coding language=java algorithm 981
Return the secret message language=java strings coding 797
Reverse Integer coding 873
Reverse a String coding language=java strings 843
Reverse the Words in a Sentence 1 strings algorithm coding 1,219
SDK definition tla multichoice 1,155
SPF email networking multichoice 389
Semantic Versioning definitions multichoice 796
Singly Linked List Even or Odd? linked-lists lists data-structures coding language=java 693
Smoke Testing definition qa testing multichoice 311
Spell a Linked List linked-list data-structures lists language=java coding 719
String Interning language=java strings multichoice 1,167
StringBuilder vs StringBuffer multichoice language=java 755
Strip Phone: Part 1 regular-expression coding language=java 451
Strip Phone: Part 2 regular-expression language=java coding 391
Sum an Integer sequence recursively coding language=java 786
TB definition acronym multichoice 372
TLD definition acronym networking multichoice 232
Tenets of OO object-oriented multichoice 743
Test String Length language=java String coding 392
Transient Variable language=java serialization multichoice 772
Troubleshoot: Regular Expression troubleshooting debugging regular-expressions language=java coding 853
Troubleshooting: Regular Expressions troubleshooting debugging regular-expressions language=java coding 884
Truthy javascript multichoice 767
UI definition acronym multichoice 1,102
URL Encoding 1 (Replace Spaces) strings coding language=java 776
What Base Does Math.log() Use in Java? math language=java multichoice 644
What is Two Factor Authentication security multichoice 1,090
What is a Fetch Execute Cycle definition acronym multichoice 1,231
What is nonce cryptography security multichoice 1,090
Will this compile? java yes/no multichoice language=java 759
Will this compile? language=java multichoice yes/no 768
Write Only Code definition anti-pattern multichoice 643
X raised to Y language=python math multichoice 798
XSS definition security multichoice web 554
Zero-day Vulnerability security 835
\1 regular-expressions multichoice 786
java.util.HashMap hashmap data-structures language=java multichoice 788